Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 46 - Burro HQ (Where all the action takes place)

So many many weeks ago I promised to show some pictures of where we live. Now with less than a week left here in Ghana, I better do this post or else it may not happen. 

Burro HQ reside in Koforidua, Ghana, West Africa. We are located on hospital road, near the intersection of market street. Burro actually has their offices on the second floor of an old building that was build back when the British still occupied Ghana or shortly thereafter. (Ghana used to be a British colony) 

We have our offices and live on the second story. Below us is a restaurant, but we don't ever hear any noise from it. In addition, we have never eaten at the restaurant. Even the Ghanaians have told us that it isn't any good :) To get to our entrance, you walk to the left of this building and go around back.

You walk up these stairs

To our front entrance

View of the courtyard from the front entrance

Looking out from our front entrance. Behind us, there is a compound of houses, with a big courtyard in the middle

Looking down from the front entrance. The stairs are very steep. We are always afraid that the little kids will fall down them and get hurt.

Here is the layout of the office. As I show pictures from the rest of the office, I will try and reference the rooms above. The room entitled "Whit's room" is no longer Whit's room. Just before us interns arrive, Whit got his own place to stay. That room has since been turned into an office.



Hallway from kitchen, leading to toilet room and shower room

Shower room

Toilet room

Main hallway that you enter when coming into the Burro offices. The entrance is halfway down this hall on the right hand side
Conference room, what is labeled at dining/training room on the layout from above

Battery Charging Room (where all the action takes place)

This is the room where Andrew and I stay. This is the room labeled "spare room"


Views from the street outside of our house

Views from the street outside our house


katie k said...

I have a bunch of comments on this one! First, I LOVE the green Burro cars! Your building looks so cool. (The view from the entrance)... did you throw those rocks on the neighbor's roof?! ;) They have the same kind of showers that they did in Chile... got enough toilet paper? :) Your bed looks comfortable... :/ J/K I know you sleep in the Battery room most of the time. Great tour!