Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 34 - "I love technology, but not as much as you I see, but I........."

Today I am grateful for technology. For those of you who have seen Napoleon Dynamite, you probably remember the song that Kip sang about his love for technology!!!!

I think many times we may not completely appreciate what technology does for us in our lives. Sure it can be a complete waste of time. But if you are like me, it can also be a marvelous tool for communication. Here is just a brief log of how technology, specifically the computer and the internet, helped me be more productive / accomplish many things today.

  1. While I was getting ready for church today, I was able to use my computer to listen to uplifting church music
  2. I was able to use my computer and the internet to participate in a YM presidency meeting from across the world. Specifically, the following tools were used
    1. Email was used to send out the agenda prior to the meeting
    2. iChat was used to hold a video conference with our presidency
    3. When iChat quit unexpectedly, I was able to use Skype to call a speaker phone in Utah so we could finish our presidency meeting
  3. Was able to use Skype to talk with my wife and other members of my family
  4. Was able to catch up on my family's blogs
  5. Was able to update my blog so that family / friends can follow my adventure here in Ghana from thousands of miles away
  6. Much, more more
So I end this post thanking all of those who have made the technological tools possible. Helping me to stay in touch with family and friends from across the world!!! Thanks


katie k said...

I love it too! Much better than snail mail ;)