Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 27 - More Elephants, Crazy Gas Pump, and Electricity Surcharges in Kumasi (Mole Trip Day 3)

So today we left Mole. We had a great few days here. Definitely could have spent some more time out by the pool. We got up around 6:00 this morning and saw that there were 6 elephants down by the watering hole. As it is only about a 15 minute walk to get down there, we decided to go down and take a look before heading out. Check out the pictures of what we saw:



After getting back, we ate breakfast, packed up, and got on our way. We never did experience running water while we were here. I did take two bucket showers however that weren't too bad. 

The dirt road leading out to Mole appeared to be more intense going out than I remember heading in. We were on it for nearly two hours. After getting out to the main road, we headed due south for about 5 hours. Debi and David wanted to visit the Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary. We turned off a side road and started heading out there, only to discover that we were low on gas. Not knowing what we were going to do, we happend to pass this make shift gas station / gas pump in a small village just outside of the sanctuary. 

Not entirely sure how this works. Somehow the pump the gas from the storage tank up into the glass bottles. Once the bottles are full, they release the gas and it goes into the vehicle??? Seems like it would be hard to be accurate with how much is owed but for once, the price didn't matter. We just needed some fuel

Herd of cows coming down the road

View from the road leading to Kumasi

So we arrived at our hotel, the Ashanti Gold Hotel, in Kumasi around 7:00 PM tonight. We had made a reservation just a few days earlier for GHC 40.00 per night. Upon arriving there, however, we were informed that prices has increased to GHC 55.00 (an increase of 37.5 percent). According to them, the price of electricity has been going up. It didn't seem to matter that we had made a reservation. The only way that we could have locked in the price is if we had put down an deposit. If only it were that easy. Although the hotel takes credit cards, a deposit means coming to the hotel and paying a cash deposit. Doesn't seem too feasible for people who are traveling in out of town. Oh well, whats an extra $10.57 in the grand scheme of things. 


katie k said...

I can't get over the pictures of the elephants! What an amazing experience. I love how you figured out the % increase on the hotel bill.