Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 40 - 6 Headed Palm Tree and World Cup Madness in Accra

Andrew and I decided to take advantage of today and go to Accra to hit some markets for shopping. We got out of here fairly early (around 6:45). About 30 minutes from Koff-town, we hit the town of Kwamoso. Kwamoso is widely known as the only location in the world with a six headed palm tree.

Picture I took

Here is another history lesson for you. "Kwamoso was once treasured as a land of mysteries where the fared Tigari cult and other forms of African traditional worship dominated but has now become a safe haven for numerous Christian churches.The name Kwamoso "Wokoa emoso" literally means "As you go, don't disclose what you saw," reinforces the belief that there were mysterious occurences and unexplained pyschic phenomena and traditional healing on such a large scale which attracted worshippers of traditional religion to Kwamoso in the distant past. Today the worship of deities is almost confined to history as Christianity has taken deep root in the life of the people.

Picture from online

"The only reminder of Kwamoso as a place of wonders is a six-headed palm tree located on the outskirts of town on the Accra-Koforidua Highway. Botanists regard the obscure palm tree as a freak of nature. However, the traditionalists see it as a manifestation of the supremacy of the gods who made the mystery six-headed palm tree their abode.

We spent some time in the markets in Accra to purchase some last minute souvenir items.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was watching the Ghana world cup game in Accra. At the movie theater in the Accra mall, they put the games up on the big screen. It was exhilarating to be in the theater and hear these Ghanaians cheer for their team. I have never been much up on soccer, but after sitting through an experience like that, how can you not? The atmosphere was electric. Unfortunately, Ghana wasn't able to capitalize on many opportunities that they had and ended up with a draw. So if Ghana and the US both advance to the second round, they could end up playing each other next Saturday or Sunday. Imagine how that game would be!!! Go Ghana!!!!