Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 23 - Gong Gong in Afamaxe

This morning was fairly standard. I spent most of the morning working on the financial model. It is coming together slowly, but surely. When I first started the model, I thought it would be a fairly simple task to complete. However, as I have gotten more into the model, I realize how complex it is.

This afternoon Ankrah invited me to go to a gong gong. This was out in the village of Afamaxe (pronounced a fay ma see). It was a fairly typical gong gong. I was able to take a lot of pictures, and will post those with descriptions. That is the best way to see the gong gong anyway. When I return home, I will also upload a video showing part of the gong gong.

This is an old building that is used for the church. 

Inside of the church / school building?

This village actually had a new school that was made out of concrete / cement. This was pretty rare especially for out in a village this far off the beatin path

This is a common sight in Africa. Women will strap their children to their backs so that their hands are free to go about their other activities. Not uncommon to see women out working in the fields or doing housework while their children are strapped to their back. Talk about being efficient

Ankrah explaining the Burro Battery

Trying to not get distracted by the Obruni's taking photos :)

Group of school girls on their way to class

Group of school girls on their way to class


katie k said...

Do you think Emme would let me strap her like that? Maybe I would actually get something done!