Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 36 - More time in the office

Once again, I was in the office all today working on the financials along with helping out to develop the reseller organization structure. Currently Burro has about 90 resellers. Burro tries to visit each of these resellers twice a week to exchange batteries with them. In addition, they have been trying to meet with these resellers periodically to provide training. As they continue to grow, it will not be possible for them to continue to have the same level of interaction that they have been having.

Andrew and I have been helping to develop a zone leader program. Essentially, a "zone leader" will be chosen and will be over 5-7 resellers. The zone leader will be responsible for handling a lot of training so that Burro can focus more on growing the business. We are still working out some of the kinks, but is is going well so far.

Hopefully more exciting news to report tomorrow


katie k said...

Sounds interesting. It will be fun to see the company grow.