Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 37 - Looks can be deceiving and FanYogo

Once again I spent today in the office working on the model, but was able to get out for a few minutes here and there. Tonight Andrew and I went to a Priesthood meeting at the church. Here in Ghana, a lot of the branches get together during the week and learn about their duties as Priesthood holders. There were only 5 of us that showed up, including the teacher and Andrew and myself. It was interesting to attend. We learned about priesthood ordinances and how to confirm someone a member of the church after they are baptized.

Afterwords we stopped by a little convenience store and I was delighted to find a snickers bar. However, looks can be deceiving. This was one of the worse tasting pieces of candy that I have ever eaten. I don't know if the chocolate had gone bad or what, but I ate less than half of it. Looks can be deceiving, especially regarding candy bars in foreign countries.

So this is my new favorite thing to do. FanYogo. I always used to see people eating them, including Andrew. I always assumed they were strawberry ice cream, but come to find out they are yogurts that are frozen. If you let them sit out and thaw a little bit and then eat them, they are great!!!! I know what I am going to be eating for the next 12 days!!!


katie k said...

I'm glad you tried something new! It sounds really good :)