Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 31 & 32 - Review of Financial Model, Swimming and Pizza at the Capital View Hotel

As you are aware, the main project that I have been working on while over here is the creation of Burro's financial model. I have been able to work on bits and pieces of it over the past 5 weeks, but haven't had access to a lot of the historical data that I would need to finish up the model. Debi and David have been working to clean up all of the old accounting records and prepare some financial statements. As Debi and David are leaving tomorrow and Whit flies out tomorrow, they finally decided that we'd better sit down and look at the financial model together. Therefore, for the past several days I have been spending nearly all of my time getting the model ready for our discussion. It is by no means complete, but it is in a much better position than it was a week ago. We sat down today to discuss together and I walked everyone through the model. They were happy with what I had built, but had some changes that they want me to incorporate. I'll try and push the changes through so that we can discuss again towards the end of next week.

One highlight of the day was that I found pringles in a local mom and pop shop here close to the office. The only bad thing: the cost was GHC 6.50 (approximately USD $4.65). But man did they taste good!!!!

We went to the Capital View Hotel tonight for dinner and to swim. I just barely found out that they have a swimming pool. Had we known this earlier, we would have gotten a pass to it and spent quite a bit of time over there. The water was very nice and relaxing. After being in the office for two days straight, it was nice to get out and have a little r&r (although not very much time). 

I finally found pizza!!!! That is one of the few foods that I have missed, but haven't really been able to find. They have a chicken pizza on their menu (basically just grilled chicken that is shredded and put on top). Wanting to take advantage of this rare find, I added pineapple and bacon as well. It was great. It was almost as good as what you would get in the states, however the pizza spice was a little more spicy than you find in the states. Nonetheless, it was still a real treat to eat pizza!!!! (Don't worry, the beer bottle in the picture is not mine :) )


katie k said...

I'm so proud of all the hard work you have been putting into that model. You will have to let me know what foods you have been craving for when you come home! :)