Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 30 - And the results are in....

After a week of being open, the poll closed on Sunday with 14 of you voting. The results are as follows:

  • Let it grow (4 votes)
  • What about the honor code (shave it all off) (4 votes)
  • Grow beard but clean edges (4 votes)
  • Goatee (1 vote)
  • Regular Mustache (0 votes)
  • Handlebar Mustache (0 votes)
  • Sole Patch (Flavor Saver) (0 votes)
  • Other (1 vote)
I was surprised at the three way tie. Early on in the week, it looked like there was going to be a clear cut winner. Thanks to all who voted!!!!

Given the three way tie, I realized that there was just one thing to do. Do what everyone said. Enjoy the photos.

Front - Growth after nearly 3 weeks

Side - Growth after 3 weeks

Front - Trimmed around the edges

Side - Trimmed around the edges

Front: Goatee with Chops

Side: Goatee with Chops

Front - Goatee

Side - Goatee

Front - Handlebar Mustache

Side - Handlebar Mustache

Front - Regular Mustache

Side - Regular Mustache

Front - Charly Chapman Mustache

Side - Charly Chapman Mustache

Front - Sole Patch (Flavor Saver)

Side - Sole Patch (Flavor Saver)

Front - Clean Shaven

Side - Clean Shaven


katie k said...

Yikes! You look so funny in all the different styles. I like clean shaven the best :)