Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 16 - Freak Rain Storm

So one thing that might be interesting to discuss is rain storms. I think it may have briefly been mentioned in an earlier post, but I will try and be more comprehensive in this post. When it rains here in Ghana, it really rains. Sometimes it last for 5 minutes, other times it will last for several hours, knocking out the power along with it. Everything seems to shut down, unless you happen to be out walking around the road, in which case you wil pronany tase like termites.

So as you may have noticed, the last sentence makes absolutely no sense. That is what happens when you decide to try blogging when you are half asleep. Let me finish what I was going to say.

Everyone gets inside when it starts to rain, unless you are out walking along the raise in which case you will get soaked. This morning there was a freak rain storm that came up out of nowhere. I was laying in bed reading, when all of a sudden, it started pouring. Rain started blowing in from the window, getting my bed wet and everything that was sitting on the side table next to my bed (This will make sense when I blog about the layout of our house this weekend). We hurried and shut all of the windows, and watched the rain just pour down. After about 20 minutes, it passed. Once nice thing about the rain is that when it does rain, the rest of the day is pretty nice from a temperature perspective. Here are a few pictures taken from our balcony during and after a rain storm.


katie king said...

"in which case you wil pronany tase like termites." ???? Wow... I think you should have a permit to use the computer after a certain time of night. :) Where did you get termites from? :)